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Creativity, artistry and masterful craftsmanship - these are three crucial elements in creating the perfect design and coming up with customized home, office or church furnishings that are both works of art and functional pieces. Professional development, proposal, and scheduled completion are what you expect when you choose the services of Freund Custom Furnishings. 

With over 30 years of experience and an unmatched talent for top-notch creative work from design to completion, ours is the name you can count on to bring out the best in beauty and function for all your customized home furnishings. Known for our outstanding designs and unmatched craftsmanship, Freund Custom Furnishings is the only name to remember for all your custom furniture needs. 

Freund Custom Furnishings would be described in earlier times as an "upholder" which implies that I present clients with furnishings of every kind. As beauty is objective, making what is true and good visible, it must be met with clarity of purpose, harmony and integrity in order for any work to be intelligible. Calculated to improve and refine the present taste and suited to fancy the circumstances of any individual or revered locality. I have been encouraged to begin and carry on this work for persons of distinction with eminent taste for performances of this art capable of so much perfection and refinement with propriety and elegance. It is with confidence I submit to all who would honor me with their commands that every design can be improved, both for beauty and enrichment, in its execution by:

                                                                                                            Your Most Obedient Servant,